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Informal Wedding Invitations and Destination Wedding Invitations New Designs for Winter 2017

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Ticket Invitations are printed on authentic ticket stock. Free envelopes with your order.
Ticket size is 2" X 5 1/2", Envelope size is 5 3/4" x 4 3/8".
Process Time + Ship Time= Arrival Time
We will ship your order 2 days after we receive it.
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Stadium Ticket Invitations
Stadium ticket prices: 1-10 tickets are $1.69 each, 11-25 tickets are $1.59 each, 26-100 tickets are $1.39 each, 100+ tickets are $1.29 each.
Wedding Ticket Invitation

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Photo Ticket Invitations
Photo Ticket Prices: 20-50 tickets are $1.99 each, 51-200 tickets are $1.89 each, 201-500 tickets are $1.79 each, 500+ tickets are $1.69 each.
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Your Photo + Your Wording + A Puzzle = Phuzzle
Create a unique puzzle invitation that your friends have to put together to discover the details!

Phantastic Photos
Send us your favorite photo and we will create a beautiful, affordable, personalized invitation.
Phantastic Photos are available in 4" X 5.5" and 6" X 9".

Addressing your Wedding Invitations

When you get married you must send out invitations. Everyone spends a lot of time designing the wedding invitation itself. But rarely do people put the thought in to how to address the envelopes. In this article, we will share tips on how to address your wedding invitation envelopes.

Hand write Wedding Invitation envelopes To Your Closest Guests

We all know some guests are closer to us than others. And those guests should get more attention than the other guests. The best way to do that is to show them extra care and attention. And this starts with the wedding invitation. One of the best ways to do this is in how you address the envelope. And here is where you will want to address the envelopes by hand. It will take extra time and you might have to practice your writing. But don't do it for everyone. Reserve it for the top five to ten guests. Or you can hire someone else to do it for you.

Go The Extra Mile by adding Calligraphy to your Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Calligraphy is the art of skilled letter writing. It is an ancient art form going back to 600 B.C. It is a form of writing people use only for special occasions and always provides an air of sophistication to any wedding invitation. In fact, wedding invitations are about the only time you see calligraphy anymore. And while you can print out calligraphy invitation envelopes using your computer it is not recommended because people can tell the envelopes are digitally printed and not handwritten. Instead, make sure to use hand-written calligraphy for your wedding invitation envelopes. If you already have calligraphy skills then you can write the wedding invitation envelopes yourself. If you do not yet have the skill, then you can try to learn the skills using online tutorials. But a more common option is to hire someone to do this. Make sure you find someone who specializes in doing wedding invitation calligraphy. It can also be more expensive than you think. This is because it requires a skill and is time-consuming.

You do not have to use this for all your invitations. Instead, save them for your most important guests in order to add an extra layer of sophistication to your wedding invitations. While you can use calligraphy there are times where you might want to use automation.

When To Use Computer Printed Addresses

It is easy these days to computer print out addresses for your wedding invitations. You can either do this at home or you can order the addresses pre-printed. And you can choose to either print the addresses on labels that you put on the envelope or you can choose to print the envelope without needing a label. Printing addresses this way is a great way to send out a lot of invitations. Because it is cumbersome to hand write a bunch of addresses. And since most of us just type these days our handwriting skills have diminished.

Wedding invitations are an important part of the wedding. After all, how would anyone know to attend? And handwriting the invitations is a great way to show appreciation. And you can choose to do that in print or calligraphy. I hope this article will help you think about how you want to address your invitations.

This article was written by Mark Wilcox. If you would like more wedding tips like this then please visit

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