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Tropical Holiday Christmas Party Invitations- Unique Designs for 2022

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Designs marked SAR, RV and JLU are available both printed and as a digitally delivered file.
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Tropical Holiday Parties and Christmas Parties can be very memorable. The weather outside might be frightful, but with a Hawaiian theme, your party will be delightful. What better way to begin those memories than to send a tropical Christmas party invitation to your guests that will put them in the spirit of the holiday season. This category of Christmas Holiday invitations are appropriate for a tropical theme. These invitations add an extra theme to your holiday party. Ask your guests to dress in their craziest shirts and provide green and red leis for added fun!

Not all Christmas celebrations are white! For a twist on your Christmas celebration, start your party with a tropical Christmas party invitation. For extra fun, ask your guests to come dressed in a Hawaiian shirt... yes, even if you live in cold climates and your guests have to shovel snow before coming to your party... Even if the weather outside is frightful, crank up the heat inside and enjoy a tropical Christmas party!
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