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Eloping and Reception Only Party Invitations Spring 2018

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Get rid of the stress! Don't worry about the dress... Marry your soul mate in a small ceremony and then party with friends and family at a reception only party after the wedding! A Reception only or elopement party can be an informal gathering at the home of the bride and groom or their parents or it can be a formal gathering at a country club. An After the Wedding party is an outstanding way to get the bride's family and the groom's family together. An after the wedding party may occur the day, week, month or longer after the wedding when a couple has eloped or gotten married in front of a small group of close friends and family. There is a growing tradition of running off to Vegas to elope and then continuing the party at home with an informal gathering. You may also have an after the wedding party after a large formal wedding. The day after the wedding you may like to gather only close friends and family as well as guests who have traveled from out of state at an intimate gathering so that you can really socialize. At this type of after the wedding party, the bride and groom might open gifts. Or the bride and groom may have already left on their honeymoon. Or they may choose to leave from this party making the party double as a send off party. Which ever type of after the wedding party you are having, these reception invitations will be perfect for you. If you have already gotten married and are looking to announce it to your friends and family, take a look at the wedding announcement page.
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